Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you Suffer from Adrenal Fatigue?

Are you one of the many who suffer from a common condition known as adrenal fatigue? The adrenals are endocrine glands the size of walnuts which are located on top of the kidneys. The outer layers are known to create more than 30 hormones or hormone-like substances which are integrated into virtually every function of the body.  The inner part of the adrenal gland is an extension of nerve tissue providing quick jolts of energy to help us handle “emergencies.”  Unfortunately, our busy lifestyle seems like one emergency after another to our adrenal glands, so they end up getting exhausted and overworked. And without healthy adrenal glands we suffer.

Think of your adrenals as if they were muscles. Muscles contract when a need arises and relax when the need passes. Constant stressful stimulation of the adrenals ultimately leads to adrenal exhaustion. Try holding even a small hand weight straight out from your body – it won’t take long before your arm will fatigue.  Similarly, the adrenals will respond to stress and fatigue if not given an opportunity to “relax”, rand restore function. In this way, constant stress leads to the loss of normal adrenal function. 

How can your diet support healthy adrenal function?   You can first focus on eliminating or reducing the triggers that are counter supportive to healthy function.  These include: refined carbohydrates – junk foods – physical and mental strain – sleep deprivation – environmental toxins – trauma / injury – anger – fear – worry – stress/anxiety – overworking – noise pollution – Inflammation – infections – nutritional deficiencies – food allergies – low blood sugar.

Take positive steps to support and nurture your adrenals by

  • Eating fresh whole foods and plenty of dark green vegetables
  • Learning how to breathe properly
  • Getting to bed early and enjoying a deep, restful sleep
  • Purifying your body of toxins as they build up in your body systems
  • Correcting any allergies or food sensitivities
  • Enjoying regular, gentle exercises like stretching and walking
  • Taking time to relax and meditate every day
  • Eating your food slowly and intentionally
  • Regularly scheduling downtime or “mini-vacations” on your calendar

Contact me to find out more about these action steps toward wellness.  Email debi@debifarley.com

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DOING, DOING, DOING by Vickie Griffith

Do you have this insatiable urge to always be "doing"?  A drive to be busy and to stay busy? You may know where this drive came from. Or, it may be just the way you have always been.

Two ten year-old best girlfriends are lying on the floor, in front of the fan on a hot summer's day reading. One of the girl's mothers runs into the room yelling to get outside and help weed the garden. The little girl's 10 year-old brain interprets mom's request as a criticism that she is lazy and unproductive.

From that moment on, a belief was created to always be doing something productive. Reading was not productive. After all, there was nothing tangible produced? 

I was that 10 year-old little girl and that belief carried on with me throughout my life to always be "doing." The belief is that I have to always be doing something that produces something real. But what is real? What counts as "real"?

This mindset keeps us stuck. DOING, DOING, DOING keeps us running in the hamster wheel but never getting anywhere. Yes, we are busy but not necessarily productive.

The funny thing is, in my business and for many other women I know, there is rarely anything tangible produced on an everyday basis. Feelings of failed accomplishment or productivity flood our thoughts. Yet many "doing" activities are vital at maintaining or growing a business.

Changing the mindset for the value of doing and the activities that don't' produce a tangible product is important to building a foundation for success in the future. Regardless if you are building a business, juggling work and life schedules -- "doing" is necessary! Switching the mindset from the outcome needs to be productive to being mindful of the activities. Be present in the moment.

Celebrate not only what you got done but the process of "doing".  This will get you unstuck and out of the hamster wheel.

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