Saturday, October 1, 2011

How often should you detox?

So I’m often asked the question how often should I do a detoxification program. The answer to this question is as varied as the many different types of detoxification programs and cleanses that are available. I believe that in deciding how often you should do a detox should be based on your individual choice and lifestyle. It should also be based on what your health goals are and whether or not you do a “mini detox” at other times. Many people choose to detox once or twice a year for a lengthy period of time, others may choose to do a short detox such as one to three days of juicing, water fasting, or the very popular master cleanse either once a week, once a month, or once every couple of months. Some also choose some sort of program if they’ve recently undergone a major change to their body.
My personal belief is that it is good to do a detoxification program at least twice per year. However, it doesn’t matter what length of time or how often you decide to do a detoxification program; you are still reaping great benefits from doing so.  The bottom line is to simply listen to your body and remember  - I'll be here to answer any questions that come your way! 

Next week I'll talk about the different types of detox programs available...stay tuned!